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    We love DL&Co. because their candles are designed to be different from other candles that you have seen before. Instead of stating a fragrance on a label – this brand goes beyond, nestling a high-grade, aromatic candle within a handcrafted, enameled work of art. Their candles have themes and a nature-inspired loveliness that has never been done before. For this, we admire and adore their artisan endeavors. The candles of DL&Co. are detailed and beautiful – almost too gorgeous to burn, but then the fragrances spreads throughout your home, and you are officially in heaven. This brand is seductive, vivid, and imaginative – all awesome reasons to be enamored with their artwork.

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    Esther & Erik
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    Secret D'Apothicaire

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    Hand-cast in France in the great tradition of wax masters of the past, candles, 100% soy wax and bee wax, are mixed with aromatic perfumes from Grasse.

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