How to choose the right coffee table?

Posted on: mars 16, 2022 | Author: Koddel France | Categories: Decoration

After landing on a sofa (or a sectional), a coffee table is one of the next most important pieces of furniture in your living room. It helps tie your seating area together and provides the convenience of a surface to place a drink, put your feet up and store books or magazines....

The basics of choosing a coffee table

But before all that, you'll want to consider a few general rules for choosing the right coffee table.

1 - Height of the coffee table

First of all: the height of the coffee table. You want your coffee table no more than 2-3 inches above or below the seat height of your sofa. (However, the closer you get to the same height, the better.) If it's too tall or too short, it won't be as convenient to use and, frankly, just won't look as good.

2 - Length of the coffee table

And, in terms of length, consider how much space you need to walk and navigate around your coffee table in the rest of the room. A good rule of thumb is to leave about 40cm from each end of your coffee table to the edge of your sofa to make walking easier. With this, in general, you will want your coffee table to be placed in the center of your area rug, no matter what style of sofa you have or what shape of coffee table you choose.

Find out more do's and don'ts here! Ready to dig? Read on for our ultimate guide to choosing a coffee table to go with your sofa.

Best Coffee Table Shapes for Standard Sofas
If you have a standard sofa, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing a coffee table. You can safely choose any shape, and it's just easier to know where to place it. (Just center the coffee table on your sofa and make sure it's about two-thirds the length of your sofa.) So really, it all depends on your preference. Below, you'll see how different coffee table shapes work with a standard sofa.

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